My Approach

Taking it Personally

There are so many photographers that you could choose to capture your special day – so why me? I take my photography personally, meaning – it’s all about you. I am a storyteller, not just a picture taker. I am not seeking awards, not trying to get published in a wedding magazine or interested in being the next “big thing”. I also don’t take every shoot that comes my way. This allows me to put my entire focus on you and get you your photos as soon as possible (a 3-week guarantee). This is your day and that is my focus – capturing the moments as they unfold and telling the story of how you start your life together as one.

Every wedding is unique and personal, so the photos should reflect that. I don’t use a formula – I get to know my clients. Before the wedding, I meet with my clients (in person or online) and get to know their story and their personalities so that I can utilize those specific aspects as creative elements in my photography.

Keep reading below to see other ways that I tell your story.

Crown and Glory

♫All the small things♫

Every Detail Matters

This is your day and you have put in countless hours planning every detail of your wedding day and I take notice. All the small things: from rings, invitations, catering, decorations and even the little pin on your Grandpa’s lapel – I try to capture every one of them. Attention to detail = lasting memories.

Crown and Glory

I am a poser!

But I live for capturing those candid moments that happen in a split second.

My journey behind the camera started with street photography, so I am constantly searching for those special moments to pop up. These candid shots allow you to relive your wedding day with those moments you encountered and some that you may have missed. And, yes, I will help you with those posed shots as well.

Crown and Glory

Why So Serious?

I take my photography seriously, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun!

In the midst of the rush, the stress and the chaos of your wedding day, it’s good to laugh a bit and remember that this is a joyous occasion. I’m a goofball and some of my favorite shots are ones where I can get a genuine laugh or reaction. So, let’s get the romantic, the emotional and the striking shots, but let’s also cut loose and laugh a bit together.